Ideal Audience: Sales Professionals, Sales Managers

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout Session, Strategic Work Session (Half-day or Full-day)

Program Description:

“If you can move people, then you can move mountains.” – Tim David

This entertaining and informative science-based program is all about creating true influence rooted in authentic human connection and NOT a series of phony or pushy sales tactics. Everyone at every level will walk away with step-by-step ideas they will be excited to use during their next sales conversation, measurably boosting their effectiveness.

Program Objectives:

Attendees will receive:

  • The fascinating (and funny) brain science behind authentic influence

  • The exact “pre-elevator pitch” formula that went viral

  • The tiny thing you must do BEFORE any selling can take place

  • Why authentic influence is a learned skill and not an innate gift

  • How to replace ineffective language with attention-grabbing “magic words”

  • How to spot and erase objections before the prospect is even aware of them

  • How to stand out from the clutter and form a real human connection with limited time or through digital media

  • Small body language adjustments that make a world of difference in how people perceive you AND your product

  • Deal-killing mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making

  • The complete “H.O.R.S.E.” Influence System and a buffet of ideas to fit any personality style

  • And MUCH more…

This Program is Best Paired With:


FLIP: The Four Levels of Influencing People

Paperback by Tim David

Program Reviews:

“I thought the presentation was excellent. It was very entertaining but also very informative. He clearly has a lot of deep knowledge and useful knowledge, things that you can put into practice to make your business be better. It was fun.” - Don Gottfried, Bulfinch Group

“I really enjoyed this seminar today, Tim is very very good. This particular seminar was very helpful. If you’re in sales, you definitely want to know what Tim has to teach you.” - Alan Siegel, Alan Siegel Financial Services

“I was truly blown away by your presentation as everyone else was who had a brain functioning that day. I have been to many sales summit type functions in my 27 years in the business and have never been so positively energized.” - Anthony Bonnanzio, Norcom Mortgage, CT